Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to produce and supply garments comply to the qualitative demands of our clients, as they are modified with time and as they are described within international, European and national standards and directions.

The company’s Management develops, substantiates and applies all necessary measures for the proper installation and continuous improvement of the QA System.

The Management will also seek, pinpoint and analyze qualitative problems within entirety of corporate functions, and with the help of all employees it will take every necessary measure for solving them in such a way, so that they are not repeated future.

Quality Control Manager, Group Quality In-charge and sufficient numbers of quality checkers with the help of modern technology, heads the quality team. In order to avoid quality problems, R.K. Holdings does not sub let the orders to subcontractors and ensuring the quality with stringent quality control process within the factory.

Our inspectors check every single garment and affix a sticker with a Quality seal before it pass on to the next stage. Various parameters are constantly checked, monitored and controlled in the production process. All recommended tests are conducted for ascertaining Quality standards specified by various statutory agencies of the relevant countries, as per buyers’ requirements.

Critical focus is kept on Cotton, Yarn and Knitted Fabric Quality

  • The black board test – for yarn appearance.
  • The wrap block – for sliver testing
  • The wrap reel- for yarn count testing.
  • The Lea strength tester for yarn strength & CSP.


The fabric undergoes quality control test at the Quality Control Laboratory that has all facilities, to ensure that our garments meet the requirements and specifications. Tests are done as per international standards.

The tests include:

  • Color fastness to mechanical wash
  • Color fastness to rubbing
  • Perspiration test
  • Testing dimensional shrinkage stability
  • Garment Twist checking

Quality Objectives

  • To meets or exceed the client’s expectations.
  • To fulfill our contractual commitments.
  • To improve the production planning for on time delivery
  • To represent value for money.
  • To proactively seek and measure client satisfaction in order to maintain continuous improvement in service delivery.
  • To deliver services and products of the highest practicable quality, reliability and consistency that meet our customers’ requirements.