Steels Private Limited

“Wise men create more opportunities than they find”…. and we firmly believe in this famous quote.

Steels Pvt. Ltd is a new born in the RK realm of companies. At Steels we manufacture all kinds of best grade steel. It’s a manufacturing unit of 60,000 kgs per day. capacity where we have a variety of steel productions.

Also manufacturing commendable indirect export for Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East, We are all set on the road to success and we consistently strive to expand our network through efficient quality production.


  • Built
  • All kind of special parts.
  • From screw nuts to the heaviest machines, we manufacture everything! This includes different parts and spare parts of all kinds of machinery, vehicles etc. for e.g. we manufacture machinery and its parts for sugar mills and that for tractors, bikes, bicycles etc.
  • We manufacture steel built used in Gadder and T- iron. We make rot iron and steel rods used for construction (Suriya), etc.
  • Currently, we are trading all over Pakistan.