riaz kashif

Riaz Kashif Textiles Private Limited

Riaz Kashif Textile Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer, merchandiser and exporter of knitwear fabric. The state-of-the-art technology/ efficient equipment, a truly devoted team of employees and our aim to stand high in terms of expertise and quality production is what makes us stand in the league of the finest knitwear producers of Pakistan.

We deal in a variety of Knit Wear fabric that is used to manufacture trendiest and smartest garments for both children and adults. Pure quality with an edge of soft smooth and unique finish is what makes our production out-do the rest in competition. Our fabric is comfortable with a fine feel to it. We produce and market the finest range of knitwear fabric also highly suitable for sports clothing.

Knitting Project

Knitting unit annual rated capacity is 6,480,000 Kg’s @ 100 % capacity (300. days) on the basis of two shifts.

New Terrot Machines Gauge Diameter
Single Jersey Lycra 28 30
Single Jersey Lycra 24 30
Single Jersey Lycra 14 30
Rib Lycra 15 30
Fleece 18 30
Stripers 20 30